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Remodeling Project Management


Brookline, NH Client

We’re finishing up a project for a client that bought their home new this past year. The deck that was built was beautiful but lacked a staircase for easy access to the back yard and pool area. In addition to a staircase, he wanted to do an elaborate cobblestone landing with granite steps. We quoted him for the new construction as well as the hardscape. We then collaborated with our landscaper and once the staircase was built, we had them come in and do the cobblestone and prep for granite steps. This past Monday we met our landscaper and our local crane company on site to set the granite. Now all we have left are the finishing touches to complete.

Complex Renovation Projects

As a General Contractor we’re able to manage all of the moving parts so the client has less work on their end to do. We enjoy taking on what might seem like an overwhelming renovation project to our client who doesn’t want to have to worry about project management.

If you have a complex project with a lot of moving parts, we’d love to talk with you and help you create the home you’ve always wanted. Give us a call at 603-554-0949 or click the Free Estimate button at the top of the page.